My Dearest Jack

My Dearest Jack,

Parents often say how much they love their children, but our love for you was out of this universe. Your start to life was so unique.

Your Mum and Dad as you will by now realise were a cycling obsessed pair who shared a birth date, choosing to work very hard and explore the world in search of the most beautiful landscapes, a lot of those close to home. Your Dad especially had a dream to ride his bike through the soaring mountains of Europe, and your Mum equally set goals to travel and conquer some epic climbs. It was our sense of adventure that united us, always striving to be better versions of ourselves. In the two years since you were born it was immediately clear that you too had inherited the same sense of adventure! Your love to explore our large property, scaling rock walls before you were able to walk (and tumbling down!) to climbing trees to be closer to the birds so wonderful to watch. There certainly is nothing better than exploring the great outdoors, breathing the fresh air and noticing the little things in nature.

It was in a bike race that your Mum realised that you were coming into this world! Feeling a little out of sorts I told your Dad something felt different. He suggested seeing a doctor for a quick check up and that’s when we found out you were coming into our lives!

When I told your Dad over dinner he was very surprised and with tears of joy in his eyes, he told me how proud, excited and happy he was. It was such a beautiful moment and one that is forever at the forefront of my mind. He had always wanted to be a father but until that point I hadn’t realised how much. Our focus from that point on together as a couple was always you and would continue to be throughout our life together. You were our special little angel delivered to us at a time in our life that we needed and wanted you above all else.

We quickly found a beautiful new home so you would have more space to roam. Your Dad bought you a UCI baby cycling onesie which he surprised me with a few days later. He was proud and told everyone he spoke to that he was going to be a father! I had never seen him so happy!  Our relationship was always very close, but this exciting news took us both to the most amazing heights together. It was very late in life that we had found each other and experienced true love for the first time and you were the most amazing blessing.

One thing I loved about your Dad was that he’d also never stopped searching for true love. If there is one thing we can both teach you in life is to never settle for second best, especially when it comes to the heart. Life is too short to be with someone that doesn’t love you unconditionally and truly. When you realise they would sacrifice their dreams to make you happy, and always put you first before their needs you know you have found the one. Trust yourself; you can feel it in the core of your soul if it is right. Trust your instincts, as it’s at your peril if you ignore them.

The day you were born was the most incredible day of our lives. Your Dad held me close while you were peacefully born into this World whispering his thoughts of love for me and excitedly waiting for you to appear. I’d never felt such overwhelming lightness and energy the moment the doctor lay you down on my chest. First you opened one eye and then two and you stared into me deeply . It was an intensity that we were to be accustomed to with your sparkling blue eyes. The same eyes as your Dad.

We have many stories to tell you; stories of inspiration, hope and most importantly love.

Always remember that there is only love in this life and you have to do all you can to preserve, cherish and protect it when you finally find it.

We love you so much our precious Jack.

Always here for you now and beyond,

Love your Mum and Dad xoxo

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