My Newfound Headspace

I have dipped in and out of meditation throughout my life, often using it before and after yoga sessions to gain focus and presence. Ignoring the benefits of late I’ve noticed my feelings of peace and slowing down wavering, feeling that a busy mind is what was required to feel progressive and successful. 

Last month I committed to daily meditation practice alongside a focus on physical and mental health. I can’t specifically say that I’ve felt unbalanced but perhaps I was drinking a little too much (and blaming the pandemic) and feeling the strain of full-time childcare whilst still attempting to control and manage my business and the responsibility to my clients that comes with that. Perhaps it was also the bombarding of news and media focussing on the decline of the mental health of our community while in lockdown. Comparatively, I felt fine and believed I had experienced much worse stress in my life. One does not have to look far in our neighbourhood to hear of the financial pressures of those that live beyond their means unable to pay school fees or their mortgage, businesses that have been shut down for months, and failing relationships breaking under the strain. I fortunately had none of that so can’t really complain.

Using meditation early each morning has provided me with a positive new step in my daily routine and a newfound feeling of connection to my creative writing. One appears to feed the other offering a grounded start to the day. I can also recommend not checking any email or newsfeed until the meditation and daily writing has been completed. So many business authors have suggested this and now I finally understand why. By the time you sift through the spam, your mind has already started processing it, and a certain messiness results.

The meditation app I have been using is Headspace which I can highly recommend. The variety of themes and courses, daily wake up quotes, and user stories offers a modern approach to something that I once thought was too difficult and unsure where to start. Often waking through the night I’ve also used the Nightime SOS mediations which don’t take long to create the calm required to drift back off to sleep. Between 3 – 4 am my thoughts come alive and most nights I find myself wide awake again after a deep sleep. Usually, I would start reading but this has offered an alternative feeling more refreshed and energetic in the morning.

For those interested in exploring mediation I’d suggested the one-week free trial. I’ve come to look forward to the meditations each day and often take time out during the day too for a quick 10 minute ‘regrounding’ as I like to call it. I’ve learned there’s not my good in busyness and am striving for a slower life. I learned to say no to many things a few years ago and now nurture a very small circle of friends that respect my way of living. There is much to be gained and said about living a quieter life. Living with simplicity and living with less means fewer distractions and less noise, and that has to be a good thing.

The monotony and solitude of a quiet life stimulates the creative mind”. Albert Einstein


  1. I love this; I feel as if I often dip in and out of meditation too but I want to make it a bigger part of my life. Think the benefits are so great & definitely agree that grounding yourself before you start the day is so valuable


    1. Thanks for your message Lily and yes definitely feel it’s the best way to start the day… imagine how calm the world would be if everyone could start the day like this!

      Liked by 1 person

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