My Morning Routine

Morning routine’s set the standard for the day, offer motivation and grounding allowing you to show up as your best self, to do your best work and support those that need you. Much has been written about the best routine to follow, I can only offer what has worked for me and encourage you to give it a go.

I’ve not used an alarm clock for many years, naturally waking early pre-dawn. It’s without a doubt, the best time of day as the birds sing their morning songs, the darkness offering a calm beginning before the traffic and human sounds. My son is asleep and it’s time just for me.

My first coffee of the day is a godsend kickstarting my mind into action. I have a delicate white china cup that my grandmother gifted me with a gold rim and highlights which sits just so perfectly on its matching saucer. Have you noticed that coffee always tastes better in fine china? It must retain the heat better and the delicacy of the design provides a ceremonial ritual to the experience.

Sitting quietly in my office my computer starts with a soft hum and opens my new browser with an inspirational photo and quote for the day. Since installing the Chrome plugin ‘Momentum’ I’m greeted each time I open a new tab with a spectacular landscape image, today’s is of a mountainscape in Hüttendorf, Austria – my family’s motherland. 

“The right and wrong answers should come from your heart.”

I open WordPress and start writing my 500 words for the day. Some days it feels like a mental purge that offers a blank slate to start producing quality work for the day. On other days it’s a struggle to hit the target. Either way once completed it gives you a feeling of satisfaction to have achieved your first goal for the day and leaves you with what can only be likened to a creative high. A target of 500 words may initially sound challenging but once you find your flow state it becomes effortless. No editing, no correcting just writing. There is always time to edit tomorrow. Just getting the words on the page is the goal. Hitting the publish button is equally satisfying with the accompanying knowledge that a few people may enjoy your morning ramblings each day. 

A quick 10 minute meditation using the Headspace App sets me up perfectly for the day. By now the sun has started breaking through the darkness and the faint outlines of the majestic old trees on our property comes to life. My office looks out to our garden with a weeping cherry blossom tree in the foreground. I feel very grateful each day to live in such a wonderful patch of nature. 

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