Reverse Engineering my Life

“Make your life a masterpiece; imagine no limitations on what you can be, have or do.” – Brian Tracy

If I live until 95 similar to my grandmother who has just celebrated her 97th birthday I will still have 50 years left on this planet. That is of course the best-case scenario but realistically it may be a lot less. In an effort to maximise my time alive I will attempt to write a list in no particular order of goals I’d like to achieve before I die. I started this reverse engineering of my life many years ago and it’s overdue that I revisit it.

  1. Enable my son to finish his education in a private school
  2. Convert my garden into an edible garden producing 80% of the food we consume
  3. Travel to Israel and Jordan
  4. Spend a summer in Bolzano cycling with my son and exploring the Dolomites
  5. Continue to build my company to sell in a decade
  6. Plant another 40 trees on my property
  7. Ensure my son competently plays a musical instrument 
  8. Travel to Nepal to meet my sponsor child
  9. Volunteer teaching English in Nepal
  10. Return to Uluru and tour the surrounding landscape
  11. Teach my son German
  12. Buy a Maserati for my 60th
  13. Buy land in the Grampians and build an off-grid retreat
  14. Start cycling again and climb a few iconic mountains
  15. Learn to prepare my own sushi
  16. Use our drone technology to enable clients to work more safely
  17. Integrate thermal imaging for solar farms in our core product mix
  18.  Buy a warehouse
  19. Produce a book cataloguing all of the plants in our garden
  20. Be open to a new long term relationship and marriage
  21. Travel to Florence for an art tour revisiting my favourite galleries
  22. Return to Easter Island with my son
  23. Write every day 
  24. Publish a book
  25. Drive to Wilpena Pound
  26. Throw out or donate everything I don’t need
  27. Take a painting course
  28. Book an off road tour from Broome to Darwin
  29. Glamping in Cape Leveque
  30. Renovate my kitchen
  31. Be inspiring for my son
  32. Complete my Masters in Philosophy
  33. Attend a silent retreat
  34. Sleep more and practice daily meditation
  35. Record more stories about my late husband
  36. Compile a legacy album with my late husband’sInterestingly  photos
  37. Explore Arnhem Land

These goals are by no means exhaustive and good to get on paper. A lot of these are already underway so I think the next step will be to further break these down and give them deadlines and start planning smaller steps to achieve each. Unfortunately with the travel ban currently in place in Australia the international travel will have to be postponed until at least 2022.

Goals setting has always been an important part of my life especially in building my business and financial independence. Living debt-free these past 3 years has provided incredible freedom and only spending what I have, and saving for each goal more control over my life. I encourage everyone to write a list of their life goal and slowly chip away at each of them. The big one of course to pay off your mortgage and car. Financial stress is one thing we don’t need so we can focus on the important things in life, health, and happiness.


  1. I love how out of everything on the list, ‘write every day’ is something you can actually do now. Today. So I’m just here to nudge you on to do exactly that. Just a fellow writer sending out the good vibes to another. All the best, Jessica!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Stuart, you make a good point! I do attempt to write every day and really miss it when I haven’t. Appreciate the good vibes!


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