Returning to philosophical thought.

One benefit of quitting alcohol this month has been the long deep sleep phase I am now enjoying. Essential for feeling rested and staying healthy, I estimate I am roughly getting 1 to 2 hours of deep sleep these past few nights. By contrast, the past 4 years have seen a broken sleep pattern, finding me waking every 2 hours catering initially to my newborn’s needs, then later a restless mind frought with grief, work and stress. 

As my dreams become more vivid, it’s now that I find myself able to continue with my ‘dream work’; unraveling the unconscious that transforms the latent content into the manifest content. 

My office shelves are bursting with books of Freud, Jung, and Hume scattered amongst my beloved ancient Greeks philosophers, offering their marvelous interpretations and theories. Untouched for almost two decades, I find myself now returning to their wisdom, offering hope that I can complete further study and reawaken my mind and critical thought processes.

Hume has been surfacing more recently in my thoughts as I grapple with personal relationship decisions of the heart versus the head, or more specifically his position in ethics and theory of mind, that reason alone cannot be a motive to the will, but rather is the ‘slave of the passions’. It’s one I have considered at length since my early university days. My actions have certainly been the immediate product of passions of late and controlling my mind and therefore my actions have been a struggle, hence feeling unsettled and indecisive. I’m grateful to have had this introduction in my early years to these Masters but it is not until now that with experience I can return and begin to make sense of their writings.


  1. That’s awesome what you’re doing, Jessica! I myself have gone 10 days without a drink, and besides the shallow sleep, I can say that I’m super grateful of not having to deal with that feeling of death whenever you wake up in the middle of the night, plus that nausea that makes you promise you’ll never drink again.

    Here’s to finding our happiness everywhere else but at the bottom of the bottle!

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  2. Hi Stuart, thanks for your message and congratulations on your 10 AFD’s! Thanks for your support and look forward to perhaps seeing your blog on the topic.


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